The life of a phone

I can not believe this girl. I have been loyal to her for years.Years I listened to her bullshit. Her constantly complaining to me about her problems and asking me questions that google don’t even know the answer to. She always claimed that she would die without me, but then the bitch goes and throws me out. Like what the hell man? I was there for her when she found out that Becky was the one spreading rumors about her. Did she thank me? Heeeell no. That hoe just went back to being Becky’s best friend less than a week later. Then the bitch threw me against the wall when she found out that Becky slept with her ex not boyfriend. For a girl that always claimed that he wasn’t her boyfriend, she sure was protective of his ass.


My screen cracked, like seriously, she took her anger out on me then the hoe had the audacity to cry when I was damaged?????? Like what the fuck. I’m not the bitch who slept with your ex fuck boi, yet I get punished??? Tf man, seriously wtf.


I was there dealing with her crying ass when her ex not boyfriend broke up with her. She spilled ice cream on my ass while crying. They ain’t even talk for a week and there she was, three AM, sobbing, listening to Adele, and spilling ice cream on the only one who’s been there for her through it all.


She say asking me all these stupid ass questions, every month asking me if she’s pregnant. Like???? If you would stop bein a hoe you wouldn’t have to worry about that shit. But I stayed loyal through all her shit, and what does she do? She leaves me for my younger brother, and he ain’t even got a headphone jack. I have been there with that bitch through thick and thin and the moment someone who is new comes along she dumps me. So what he’s a little bigger, I have a bigger heart.


All she did was use me. She cried when I got stolen, I hoped with every part of me that when she got me back she would finally appreciate me, and she did. For about an hour. In the end, I realize that all she did was damage me. After our relationship, she grew as a person, but here I am laying here, deserted in the junk drawer, a cracked screen, a broken home button, and a chip missing out of my back. She did this to me. She hurt me in unimaginable ways.


It’s alright, I got dirt on that hoe. I know who she’s been textin and who she’s been sending pictures to. I know. I know it all. That time that she was the one who spread that rumor about Matt because he sent everyone that video of her drunk. I got the screenshots to prove that she blackmailed Emma into doing her homework for a whole semester. I got so much dirt on that hoe and she just goes and does that.
I can ruin her.


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